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VC-A Members are (non-exclusive):
  • Brokers either buy-side or sell-side, looking for a counter-party
  • Industrial Partners looking for alliances or to offer their industry expertise, goods and services
  • Investors interested in buying assets or funding VC-A projects
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME) interested in sharing their know-how on an ad hoc basis
  • VC-A Agents interested in generating an income by selling VC-A services

  • VC-A Member
  • VC-A Member > Agent
  • VC-A Member > Broker
  • VC-A Member > Industrial
  • VC-A Member > Investor
  • VC-A Member > SME
  • No longer with VC-A (left the organisation)

  • Buy-side and investment opportunities
  • Sell-side opportunities
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Fundraising opportunities > Capital raising
  • Fundraising opportunities > Debt raising and restructuring
  • Fundraising opportunities > New project development
  • M&A opportunities (companies)
  • Job opportunities
  • Job opportunities > Consulting assignments
  • Job opportunities > Interim management
  • Job opportunities > Full-time or part-time job offers
  • Trading opportunities
  • Trading opportunities > Commodity trading
  • Trading opportunities > Commodity trading > Agricultural products trading
  • Trading opportunities > Commodity trading > Diamond and other precious gems trading
  • Trading opportunities > Commodity trading > Gold and other precious metals trading
  • Trading opportunities > Commodity trading > Non precious metals trading
  • Trading opportunities > Commodity trading > Oil and gas trading
  • Trading opportunities > Import-export of equipments and materials
  • Trading opportunities > Real estate brokering

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